Well, it’s been a full week since I started the journey back toward gaining back the lean, fit body I’m used to. Since I always advise you guys to start slow, that’s exactly what I did. Rather than cutting out sweets and junk food completely, I merely scaled back. I […]

Fit Trucker Transformation Week One

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Healthy Super Bowl Foods That Won’t Cost You Your Man Card Let’s face it – there aren’t very many activities that are more macho than partaking in Super Bowl Sunday. A full day dedicated to watching the best of the best battle it out in a winner take all championship […]

Healthy Superbowl Foods That Won’t Cost You Your Man Card

Problem If you’re living on the road, this probably isn’t news to you…but truck drivers are about as unhealthy a group of people as you’re likely to find anywhere. According to a 2015 CDC report, in which 1,670 drivers were surveyed, 69% were obese and 17% were morbidly so. Those […]

Surprise, OTR truckers are a pretty unhealthy bunch

I spent the last 6 months eating and living like a stereotypical truck driver. Here’s what happened. I have been advocating a healthier lifestyle for truckers for a couple of years now, and one comment that I kept finding myself receiving over and over again was how much easier I […]

Fit To Fat In 6 Months: Eating Like A Trucker

5 Weight Loss Tips and Tricks To Avoid At All Cost Trying to lose weight can be confusing. There are simply too many conflicting sources of information out there. What one expert tells you to eat lots of, another tells you to avoid completely. It all leads to confusion, annoyance, […]

5 Weight Loss Tips and Tricks to Avoid

Often, drivers will ask me what one single thing they can do that will have the most impact on their weight, fitness, and overall health. Now, a lot of experts will tell you that there’s no magic bullet to getting into better shape, and they’re right. However, I’ve always been […]

The One Thing Every Trucker Must Do To Lose Weight

Here’s the scenario. You’ve been busting your ass all week in the gym, and eating clean. It’s the weekend, and you’re going out with your buddies for a night on the town. The problem is, they don’t share your commitment to healthy eating or your weightloss goals. So they decide […]

Are cheat days good for me if I’m trying to ...

Counting Calories with My Fitness Pal
This is a question that I often get from people who are just starting out in their attempt to live a healthier lifestyle. “Do I really need to count calories in order to lose weight?” The answer isn’t a simple yes, or no. Calorie counting does seem to work for […]

Do I need to count calories to lose weight?

Avocado & Egg on Sourdough Toast
Salty, spicy, savory, fresh...this quick and easy meal has it all. Packed with heart healthy fats and protein, eating this for breakfast will easily power you through til lunch!

Avocado & Egg on Sourdough Toast